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Jul. 20th, 2011 @ 09:30 pm A Drive By Posting
Hey Peeps! It's me, your terrible blogger who sometimes forgets she has a blog. Twitter's just easier, you know?


1) Life is good. Really good. And writing is always there and always good. So is rock climbing and sand volleyball and hiking and hundred-and-fifty-foot slip and slides. Moral of the story: boredom is not my thing. I think skydiving might be, though, especially since Groupon has been offering such tempting deals.

2) Hang out with me on twitter! I'm @amandaKmorgan.

3) If you're going to be in LA this year (and I know some of you are), give me a shout!

4) Need a book rec? Go for
A) A NEED SO BEAUTIFUL by the always fabulous Suzanne Young (
B) INVINCIBLE SUMMER by the delightful Hannah Moskowitz (

XX, peeps. :) I hope everything is wonderful for you all.
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